Four guys: Jonathan, Dustin, Marcus and Ted, came together to create The Better Diamond Pte Ltd – the first supplier of lab grown diamonds in South East Asia. Their mission: To offer consumers the highest quality diamonds and largest selection at the best price.

While looking for an engagement diamond, Jonathan found that a quality mined diamonds were unsustainable and too expensive due to the margins being earned at each stage of the supply chain. He found lab grown diamonds to be the perfect substitute, and proceeded to find ways to make the purchase of lab grown diamonds easier for those who love in Asia.

Together, they launched, in an effort to rekindle social consciousness in the jewellery industry in Singapore. Rekine is currently the only online retailer in Singapore to present conflict-free lab grown diamonds – all hand-selected – Online. We produce the stones ourselves and choose to sell only the best.

With hundreds of customizable styles, our 24/7 Customer Service are always on hand to keep our customers happy. We at Rekine believe in providing meaningful education, friendly support and total transparency every step of the way.

John XIE

The digital tech geek and highly OCD, Jon can spend days working on fixing a single problem.

Managing Director

An efficient administrator, Bob ensures day to day operations go without a hitch

Public Relations

Marcus believes in always being transparent and ethical in business dealings.


Ted believes that a sustainable businesses needs superior products

Our Believes

We promise to deliver the following:

Our Value Chain

We bypass all the unnecessary steps in the value chain, helping you secure a better diamond, at a better price point.